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We start our way in 2015 when worked under the feature movie in Thailand. The head of project is Dmitry Senkevich. In our arsenal we have 1 movie and about 15 people crew, 2 offices in Minsk (Belarus) and 1 in Bangkok (Thailand). We have our own brand “Dreamer”. The first major project was «Dreamer: Mascot.Thailand».

We try to create a new brand in cinematography, something unique, new character, new face, new product. Nowadays MoonWalker Production have equipment, actors, competent management and planning of filming, location management, casting, the organization «before» and «after» the filming process. We try to use the rule of 10 creations:

Our team with ambition and grandiose plans. The company`s strategy in the period from 2017 to 2020 is to shoot 3 feature films and two short films. Today we have 19 scripts and our main target is to realize them. We also have professional videos that already participated in contests.

The company is looking for sponsors, because it's very difficult and expensive to shoot beautiful films with meaning, also time changes very quickly and we have to modernize costly equipment, as the technique is constantly updated.

So, what is finally the meaning of MWP


Do you like Movies? …Only Outstanding&Original? With smth New? Just be on the Wave and say: “Action”! Show Leadership, give your Knowledge&Emotions. Be Respectful&Positive and you will see the Results, because you have a good Odds to reach your Dream. Just do Unique Cinema. Save Time! Use best Ideas, because you have Opportunity to realize them right Now!

We honesty hope that our web page is what you are looking for a long time. Enjoy!


We About Us

Only one step remain for finishing "Dreamer: Talisman.Thailand

I'm ready to shoot and for the new adventures. I mean Dreamer 3

Second movie: "Dreamer: Phantom Island" is 50% done. Now we are looking for sponsors.


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