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Cinema – is a very dangerous instrument of impact on the people. First of all, our company take care about the audience. In our movies you will never see scenes with blood, with a lot of violence, murders, pornographic, terrorism and drugs, with a lot of politics or religious views, because we think that this is propaganda and amorality which destroy human inside.

Nowadays Big Production companies have to take care about people, and control what they are produce and show. We think that it will be positive step in worldwide cinema industry If the level of cruelty on the screens will reduce by 50%. And also a good advice for customers: be attentive what do you see! Check what your children watch!

MWP create movies only in a positive way, that means that you don’t have to worry about some “bad” scenes or open violence, because we cut it from our products. We believe that children are our future, we believe in humans at all and we don’t want show movies which can become bad examples of life style with ready-made plans for massacres, human attacks or cruel treatment of people and animals. So, it turns out that movies are dangerous, right, especially if the worldview and values are just beginning to form?!

MWP for quality in cinema. Look our movies around the world and be sure that it is safe for everyone. We give also special license of “MWP Quality”, and the company have a special commission which can give you this license, just click contacts and send letter or call to our manager

Movie is tradition, common norms, rules, feelings, principles and discipline. MWP for extraordinary and timing in cinema!

“ It doesn’t matter what happens if you watch good cinema” “We respect every person, family, opinion and position”

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