1. How to find and see you?

Follow us, click Business&Cooperation or Contacts and you will see addresses and emails. Also have contact form. Our team is welcome to answer your questions

2. Which movies MWP produce?

We produce different genres: adventure, detective, romantic comedy, drama and other. As usual we work with our own brand “Dreamer”, but MWP is flexible for cooperation.
Films which are in process for this moment:
— “Dreamer: Mascot” is already done (adventure genre). Looking for sponsors.
— “Dreamer: Phantom Island” is ready for 40% (adventure genre). Looking for sponsors.
— “Dreamer: The Secret of Michelangelo” (adventure genre) is in pre-production. Looking for sponsors.
— “Reset” is ready аfor 60% (romantic comedy). Looking for sponsors.
— “Ninja” movie is ready for 20% (feature genre). Looking for sponsors.
— “Love application” is 40% (drama). Looking for sponsors.
— “Suspended” is in pre-production (detective). Looking for sponsors

3. When I will see the movies?

When the shooting process will be over and all the documents, contracts, agreements with investors or sponsors will be ready and signed.
We also plane to prepare one movie for festival, others for commercial purposes. But anyway, that are unique author’s movies.

4. Is it possible to play in your movie?

Yes, you can play in our movie. For that, you need to check the latest news on our web page and monitoring our notices. Prepare COMPCARD of yourself, be talented  and send the information by email. Fulfil contact form , don’t forget your name and our manager answer as soon as possible.

5.  Which movies do you create? Which genres?

We have 19 scripts in process . 10 of them are feature, adventure movies, 5 detectives, 1 horror, 2 romantic comedies, 1 drama

6. Why do you use censure?

We want to protect people from mental disorder. Not for everyone is obvious that movies can influence on human mind, but that is true! As an example, movies of 90th had a lot of drugs, violence and blood and from year to year the statistic show that the level of «pseudo heroism» and crimes are increase for 50%. Movie industry all the time should to create new character of antagonist, to interest the viewer, but to do him more terrible, cruel and rude is not an option. Especially unacceptable to present for mass good plan how to attack people and not be caught for the actions.
Nowadays a lot of evil on the Earth. We encourage you to be careful with your thoughts. And watch only pleasant, positive and smart movies as MWP produce

7. How to cooperate with MWP?

If you are a sponsor click.
If you are investor click.
If you are the owner of the factory and want advertising click.
If you are individual you can be volunteer, can take an educational course, can be an actor (actress), and invest in future projects by visiting the sponsorship shop.
If you are not sure what to choose or have additional questions you can click business&cooperation or contact us by email and by phone.

8. We have our own product, how to use it in your movie?

We offer acceptable conditions for the realization of your advertising. Do you want main character wake up in IKEA bed, stop alarm on TISSOT, clean teeth by COLGATE, take Pierre Cardin suit and also drive Mercedes we can show it! Be sure that the quality will be in a high level because of the MWP license. License means that the product has NO pornographic, racism, Nazism symbolic, politic & sexual propaganda, drugs, violence, religious or prohibited symbolic. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have other questions. We are ready for cooperation.

9. How I can order services?

First of all, decide which kind of service do you need. Then send us a request in Contact form  or by email. We will calculate the sum of your order and send back confirmation.

10. In which country do you work?

Now we are working in Minsk and Bangkok. But we are flexible. We can work in any conditions and in any country in the world.

11. Do you have awards? Where I can find some videos?

Yes our awards in menu. All kind of movies and trailers look here Coming Soon