Dreamer Phantom Island



Young journalist goes for another risky mission, now he has to find a lost island-which is called Phantom. It has a deadly reputation in sea history that’s why nobody never came back from this island and never saw it. He wants to investigate what happened, takes a small boat and begins his journey, but later in the middle of the ocean the storm sank the yacht and he reaches only the uninhabited island. Final destination is not achieved yet. He cannot wait, cannot waste time, because on this island there is something strange too. Probably, this island is Phantom? But in this case the chances to survive are equal to zero. Only one way to escape just don’t’ close your eyes otherwise it will be your last dream…

Why do you need to watch Dreamer:Phantom island?

She is BACK!

She’s back from the past. We decide to return the past and find amazing Merilyn. But in modern style of hair… Mechanism is already work, and that means that we will change modern cinematograph because we have a legend in our team. So, you decide who will be the first (Sponsor, investor) because it’s a very tasty piece of cake and your name will be so close with Merlin.
She is real! And we start the game! RE-volution in cinema!
That is first reason why you should see Dreamer: Phantom island
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The second reason is shooting with REAL wolf. It was a huge experience! It is indescribably, when you understand that you will come face to face with him. And yes, he bit me.
Wolfs are amazing animals, which is very difficult to control. Wolves are one of the most unpredictable animals, wild, aggressive, powerful, fast and smart. It was dangerous shooting, dizzying scenes, risky doubles without rehearsals, everything was in the «live» mode.
After all, removing the chase and running away from the wolf in action, the main character was threatened …. and this is our style! The adventurer is gaining momentum and we are on the right track!
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The third reason is that we created our own character with special costume, face, and particular functions in a movie. We also created the name — Mozema! That’s amazing when from paper and pencil draw some picture which then become a real personage!
Which functions and what is Mozema, why it is so dangerous (spoiler) or not? You will see in the movie.
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The island where we shoot we keep in a secret, and after the sale of film nobody will know about the location. We want to say only one thing, that we were get in to this island 4 days! 4 DAYS! That’s absolutely crazy…
After the glory which the 007 James Bond island received in James Bond movie and Phi Phi Island received in movie “Beach”, both locations could not cope with the flow of tourists, which led to pollution and destruction of the flora. We don’t want to repeat these mistakes. But be sure, that this secret island is fourth reason to watch the movie, moreover, that is the most beautiful place in the world!
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Our own script!

This is the fifth reason, why you should see this movie.
Our writers create a rare material, we don’t remake of popular movies.
How many copies we will see?
We suggest something unique:
dialog, action, antagonist,
film line, new face in cinematography and for sure script.
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Drowning in the swamp is a very unpleasant thing especially when it is real quagmire in dense forest.
Imagine, that you are alone with nature, you feel how the swamp is absorbs you and pulls deeper and deeper to under ground, your clothes wraps by sand and clay and became very heavy, it is hard to breath. Full gloom and you feel like in a grave. Dangerous?! Our protagonist went through it and this is the sixth reason to watch the movie. The adventures continues … while we are still alive!
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The reason number 7 to watch this movie is that we use our own brand in cinema – Dreamer. We create a logo, name, color and the meaning of the brand. And now we have a lot of goods with our symbolic. We remain in memory.
MWP remind to sponsor or investor that you can be the first who will conclude a contract with us. Maybe it will be one sponsor for the rest of life. This is your piece of cake! Hurry up.
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The eighth reason is that the main character knows how to survive on the island because he lived in Thailand, Laos and Philippines. He tested himself for strength and tried to survive on uninhabited place alone for as long as 2 months.

Viewer always prefer to look at real man, who know how to resolve problems and teach useful actions then to look just for professional actor. Moreover, in our project protagonist wrote the script, knew every little thing on the island of filming and risk his life all the time.

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We describe a history!

The ship «Victoria» was part of a Spanish expedition commanded by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. The expedition began on August 10, 1519 with five ships but «Victoria» was the only ship, which complete the voyage, returning on September 6, 1522. Magellan was killed in the Philippines.
To know what happened with the expedition and what was the main purpose of Magellan adventure is the ninth reason to watch the movie.
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We have emotions!

The tenth reason is feelings. We want to show full emotions of character who is so strong. But in some situations even the man can cry…
No matter you cry from happiness or despair, tears mean that you have a soul!

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We risk our life !

Fire can easily turn from your helper into an enemy.
Shooting with flames means that you have 4 seconds to put it out, you can not breathe, there must be special equipment and clothes. We only had fire.
Games with death for the sake of an ideal shot is the eleventh reason to watch a movie.
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It’s a real ADVENTURE

The twelfth reason is that we will focus on genre “Adventures”.
We will shoot only kind, smart and interesting movies
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With our license MWP!

The thirteenth reason is that MoonWalker Production use and give a special license to movies, scripts and any kind of video production. We have a very strict censure and will check all your materials thoroughly. If after the inspection there will be no strict violations MWP will give you the license with special number. That is the last step in the process which means that your movie/clip/video quality in a high level and haven`t got “dirty” things. You can use license with number in the titles of your movie.
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We simply filmed scene in the ocean, and noticed something in the shadow. Maybe it was a dolphin, may be not… but as professionals we immediately started improvise and these exciting scenes will be in movie!! That is the fourteenth reason to watch the film.
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We work as a big family-team, where every person is talented and ready to share thoughts with others. As the result we create genius histories where people can find something close to each individual.
We like what we do and create something ideal for you is real goal! So, this is the fifteenth reason to watch the film.
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(first 2 weeks)

Year: 2017
Countries: Thailand, Belarus, Russia.
Genre: Adventure, CinemaSketch
Production: MoonWalkerProduction, Travellers Club
Slogan: “Last Dream”

Dmitry Senkevich

Director assistant:
Dmitry Dzuba

Dmitry Senkevich
Nastassia Kashchysyna

Alex Chanturia
Dmitry Dzuba

Dmitry Senkevich
Peter Borek
Music license

Merilyn Monroe
Michael Dee Gold
Albina Shaykova
Dmitry Dzuba
Nastasia Kashchyshyna
Dmitry Zimin
Alex Kudryashov

120 min.